Infant Circumcision Care

Prior to Your Appointment

  • Feed your baby 30 mins before the appointment time.
  • Apply the Emla Cream (numbing cream) to the penis, it’s important to cover the base of the penis, all around. Use a nickel size amount.
  • Pack an extra diaper, wipes and a pacifier (If you are okay with baby using one during procedure).

After Care

  • There will be a petroleum-coated gauze on the tip of the penis. This may come off when baby pees. That is okay. You can leave it on until if falls off by itself.
  • When it falls off, apply a nice moisturizing cream such as Quench Cream. Quench Cream is a natural based cream with whipped shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils. It tends to coat the penis better than Vaseline and help the healing process. Use it with every diaper change and it can later be used as a diaper rash cream. You can purchase cream from Ocean Rock Wellness.
  • We recommend changing diapers every 3 hours. You will notice that during the first 24 hours, the diapers will have blood in them. By Day 2 the bleeding should be stopped. If the bleeding is still evident after 24 hours we recommend calling Dr. Peets Talbot’s office, Ocean Rock Wellness 441-295-5100.
  • As the penis heals a yellow/white scab will form on the head of the penis. This is a natural part of healing and there is no need to worry. In a week, all the scabs will be gone.

You will have an opportunity to ask Dr. Peets Talbot any questions prior to the procedure. After the procedure, she can be reached at 441-295-5100 during office hours or by email at if you have any concerns.